The depiction of women in indian cinema

Most sucessful Bollywood films have a male superstar in the lead role. However, looking at the recent trends in Bollywood we can see that there is a small shift from the typical movies to a new kind of women oriented cinema.

The depiction of women in indian cinema

When we see movies of a particular time, we get to know the society at that time.

The depiction of women in indian cinema

Movies have a stake in social change as well. During Indian freedom struggle, movies did their bit to spread the spirit of nationalism among common people.

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With changing times, movies too undergone a lot of changes. But the progress in portrayal of women in Indian cinema has not caught the progress of our society yet. As there are more movie lovers in India than the rest of the world, the impact of movies on Indian society is huge.

India is still a patriarchal society, so does the Indian film industry. Some of these things are regressive and derogatory towards women. And it is true that the number of movies that have meaningful roles for women is increasing. Hence it is important to discuss how far have we come and what issues need to be addressed in the portrayal of women in Indian cinema.

It was inevitable because there were no female actresses at that time.

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Mother India is the first Indian cinema in which female actor is in the lead role. Roughly upto the s, lead actresses have significant roles. Movies at that time used to have wonderful stories which totally reflected the society.

This culture has not changed even now. Producers are adding item songs to gain commercial success. Since s, the role of lead actress started reducing to just an add-on to the hero-centric film.

Most of the mainstream movies are following this trend. In recent times, many lead actresses are doing strong roles.

As more and more women is joining in the film industry as directors, producers, actresses etc. Issues that need to be addressed: Lead actresses are treated as glam dolls in these movies.

In many movies of present times, female characters are needlessly sexualized. Along with that, adding vulgar lyrics and dances in the name of item songs is very derogatory towards women and is impacting youth in a bad way.

While many of these movies are undoubtedly entertaining ways to spend an evening, the biggest problem that is prevalent with the Indian film industry is the way women are portrayed. The portrayal of women within magazines has been completely in line with what magazine brands have always done and will continue to do. They understand a particular audience, work out the most relevant, culturally important issues facing them – whether it’s political or social issues, or the latest concerns around health, wealth and beauty. In , Save Dada made two short films, but the fathers of Indian cinema were Dada Saheb Phalke who in made the first feature length silent film and Ardeshir Irani who in made India.

Lead actors are always shown as saviors. Women are shown as either helpless victims or cunning villains. Movies depict actresses as unrealistically beautiful.

This causes a lot of trauma and insecurity issues not just for the female audience but also for the actresses. Stalking and eve-teasing are depicted as love in Indian movies. In many mainstream movies, female characters falls in love with these abusers. Due to this, several young men are harassing women in the name of love.Hindi cinema means different things for different people, for some it is the greatest and the most appreciated medium of entertainment, while for others it is just a .

In , Save Dada made two short films, but the fathers of Indian cinema were Dada Saheb Phalke who in made the first feature length silent film and Ardeshir Irani who in made India. “Events seldom catapult women characters of Indian cinema to a white-hot spotlight.

They are dumped into the quagmires of tension-packed fireworks of the home-prison or the ambitious exploitations of healers and killers, lovers and betrayers. PORTRAYAL OF WOMEN IN PAKISTANI MEDIA Ahmed Rameez Ul Huda & Roshan Amber Ali University of Sargodha, Sargodha This study aims to investigate the image and portrayal of women in media regarding the biasness, depiction and role providence.

Women have had to face pressures that range from domestic to social arenas. Keeping in view historical. The portrayal of women in Indian cinema is showing some encouraging signs of improvement but top Indian director Mira Nair isn’t happy with mainstream Bollywood depictions which she sees as.

No matter how vast is the history of Indian cinema or how old is the Indian cinema, there are some stereotypes that were there in the past and are still prevalent in the Hindi movies. Indian cinema is now more than years old which means, it is obvious that it .

Comparing Bollywood's Portrayal Of Women From Past To Present