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Newspaper articles marketing research

Introduction The purpose of this article is to illustrate the use of qualitative data analysis software QDAS as a research tool in implementing qualitative content analysis.

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The article offers a detailed description of QDAS applied to the analysis of international press coverage of a country's environmental performance linked to carbon emissions. Thus, while software-assisted qualitative content analysis of news articles is at the center of the approach suggested here, we include the steps prior to and following the actual analysis and coding, as they form a crucial part of the overall research process.

The study followed the argumentation that, as calls for environmental responsibility are growing louder, the global competitiveness of nations and places increasingly depends on their ability to convince audiences both domestic and overseas of their environmental credentials and integrity.

With regard to NZ's perceived environmental credibility, findings indicate that, contrary to a generally favorable perception at the beginning of the study period inby the end of the year NZ was no longer in the spotlight as an environmental leader with regard to carbon emissions.

Instead, it was largely ignored in the global climate change arena.

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Judging from Australian media coverage, NZ's environmental reputation remained largely intact there, while in the UK and the US isolated unfavorable articles could be first signals of a shift towards wider negative perceptions. The study concludes that, in the absence of favorable coverage needed to maintain the country's image and reputation, NZ's global environmental positioning had become more vulnerable.

Of particular interest for, and the key focus of, this article, however, is how software was used to support the process of qualitative content analysis. We then move on to a step-by-step illustration of the software-assisted analysis process, from choosing the right software and learning how to use it, to data import and preparation, coding and analysis, and visualization of research findings.

We hope that this detailed description will assist those not yet familiar with QDAS-assisted qualitative or mixed methods analysis of textual data in gaining a realistic impression of the method's advantages and limitations. Furthermore, data reduction occurs through limiting analysis to relevant parts.

Thus, there is no reason to suspect a deep divide between the qualitative and quantitative perspectives.


One characteristic of MAYRING's approach is that coding criteria are developed based on research questions and theoretical background, while categories are developed inductively through close reading of the material, which are then checked against and refined in accordance with the previously established criteria MAYRING, Essentially, summary refers to a reduction of the material to the essential content to make it more manageable, whereas explication focuses on explaining, clarifying and annotating the material.

Structuring, a procedure similar to classical content analysis, seeks to extract a particular structure from the material in question.

Newspaper articles marketing research

Among those three approaches, summary is perhaps the closest to the software-assisted approach to QCA described below. For this article, we are particularly interested in the uses for and potential of conducting content analysis with the assistance of specifically designed software.

Newspaper articles marketing research

A key concern in this regard seems to be that computer software will mechanize qualitative analysis and thus compromise the exploratory, interpretative character of most qualitative research BAZELEY, However proponents such as RYAN note, it is up to the researcher to decide how and which data to code and to make sure software use suits the theoretical framework, context and research questions.

After all, computers "cannot resolve essential dilemmas of inquiry, nor eliminate the important role of creativity However, limitations arise when researchers who do decide to use a QDAS software perceive it as a handy utensil or convenient tool, and the chosen software does not become a fully integrated part of the very design of the research project BOURDON, Find articles, journals, and research from 6, publications at HighBeam Research.

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