Mother and diamante angel angelic

We've been slow on the updates here on ShowBiz. Well, in our 15 years we've never known Dublin to be a town so devoid of an exclusive social scene and the celebrity conveyor belt seems to have slowed to a stop.

Mother and diamante angel angelic

Mother and diamante angel angelic

The author's normally Purple Prose gets even more purple as she narrates the scene: He clinched her tight, his blouse about her-tied by the arms under her chine, and knew the strange, wonderful savior of Love and Victory mingled.

Storm has carried Wolverine like this at least once. He was less than thrilled. New Maps of Hell, the Flash briefly carries Batman like this. When Batman asks why he couldn't ride on his back, Flash explains that his legs would fall outside Flash's personal force field and snap clean off from the friction.

Power Girl carries Huntress the Helena Wayne version like this at one point. Supergirl often carries people she loves like her best friend Batgirl or her cousin Superman in her arms.

Apollo who has similar powers as Superman sometimes carries his lover Midnighter this way, if he's hurt or they can't use Midnighter's teleportation doors for some reason. And despite being the definition of Manly Gay and having a generally grouchy personality outside of battles, Midnighter does not seem to mind at all.

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Midnighter was also the one wearing white during their wedding in the old Wildstorm Authority canon, inverting the couple's everyday costume color scheme.

In 52Black Adam carries his new bride, Isis, to bed in this manner on their Mother and diamante angel angelic night. The bride asks the groom whether he'll carry her, and he replies that this is an obsolete custom from the time when men used to steal their brides.

The bride thinks about it and then remembers that she actually "stole" him from "some tramp", and the strip ends with her carrying him.

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One The Far Side comic shows Frankenstein's Monster carrying his Bride through the door crossways, her head and feet having knocked holes right through the wall. Fan Works In two separate alternate timelines in Empath: The Luckiest Smurf where Smurfette is married to someone, her husband picks her up and carries her out of the kitchen, supposedly into the bedroom.

Rainstorm returns the favor when Vincent randomly drops unconscious. When Archer and Cinder Fall decide to have lunch at the von Einzbern mansion, Cinder complains that the walk is too far.

In response, he picks her up and leaps to the house. A version of this is done by anthropomorphic snakes in Old West when Rattlesnake Jake is taking the intoxicated Grace Glossy back home, holding her in his coils.

Driven flirty by her drunkenness, she happily comments on this, saying that she wasn't carried through the front door by her estranged husband Benjamin Hares when they were married.

Mother and diamante angel angelic

UK stories, taking her to her bedroom. Hercules carries Meg's soul this way while rescuing her from the Underworld, pausing only to clock Hades - and then punch him into the River Styx when he touches Meg.

Double subverted in Shrek 2where Shrek bashes Fiona into the doorframe, breaking right through the wall. He also does this when carrying her over the threshold of his house.

They're interrupted by Donkey being in the living room singing "One is the loneliest number". Delightfully spoofed via Gender-Inverted Trope in Monsters vs. A cheerleader type is trying to seduce an athletic jock in a car when the alien robot crashes nearby, and we have a great shot of the girl running and holding her boyfriend in her arms.

Not exactly "carrying", but Peter Pan catches Wendy a couple of times like this. Later, he does the same with Wendy's daughter Jane in the sequel Return to Neverland.

There are several examples in Robot Carnival: Starlight Angel has a flying scene with a robot and a girl; Deprive has a cyborg and a girl, etc.


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