Goal prioties attuides

Some people drift more or less aimlessly from day to day and year to year, without focusing on a long-term direction.

Goal prioties attuides

We might think, This is a really important goal, and that is less important. It sounds easy, but do you actually feel comfortable doing that?

Maybe you gave a priority 1 to passing your courses and a priority 3 to playing your guitar. So what does that mean—that you never play guitar again, or at least not while in college? And what happens when you have to choose among different goals that are both number 1 priorities?

The question of priority is really a question of what is more important at a specific time. Priorities always involve time: Attitude and motivation are very important. Most students are somewhere in between—but everyone has an attitude of one sort or another. Everything people do and how they do it starts with attitude.

One student gets up with the alarm clock and cheerfully prepares for the day, planning to study for a couple hours between classes, go jogging later, and see a friend at dinner. Both students could have identical situations, classes, finances, and academic preparation.

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Here are some characteristics associated with a positive attitude: Frequent complaining Blaming others for anything that goes wrong Often experiencing negative emotions: Someone who really wants to succeed in college is better motivated and can develop a more positive attitude to succeed. But what if you are committed to succeeding in college but still feel kind of doubtful or worried or even down on yourself—what can you do then?

Can people really change their attitude? The following are some things you can start doing. Be More Upbeat with Yourself We all have conversations with ourselves. Even if you did poorly on a test, you can turn that around into a more positive attitude by taking responsibility.

As they say, misery loves company. But often being with negative people is one of the surest ways to stay negative yourself. You not only hear your own self-talk making excuses and blaming others and putting yourself down, but you hear other people saying it, too. College offers a great opportunity to make new friends.

Most important, try to choose friends with a positive attitude. A positive attitude can really be contagious. College is a big change from high school or working. Accepting that reality helps you be more positive about the differences. Sure, you have to study more, and the classes are harder.

You may be working more and have less time for your personal life. But dwelling on those differences only reinforces a negative attitude. Look instead at the positive changes: The first step may be simply to see yourself succeeding in your new life.

Visualize yourself as a student taking control, enjoying classes, studying effectively, getting good grades.This course is an opportunity for students to 1) develop personal and career goals, 2) set priorities within these goals, 3) build the attitudes and self-concept that will allow these goals and priorities to be realized, and 4) learn the spiritual disciplines that will enhance Christian living and attitudes.

COURSE OBJECTIVES The student will: 1. 44 quotes have been tagged as goals-priorities: Heather Grace Stewart: ‘You meet dozens of people who tell you you can't do it.

Surround yourself with th. Think of them as gold stars or base hits – or whatever recognition strikes a chord with you. The idea is that you set yourself a goal, work toward achieving it, and succeed in completing it. And, when you complete a goal, mark it down as a successful achievement. each priority and the attitude that you want to have which are affirmations.

Figure out what you need to do and how you want to be in order to reach your goals. For instance the priority of improving my diet under Actions might be: 1.

I keep a daily food journal 2. I make an appointment with a nutritionist by Thursday 3. I reduce. Thinking about your goals gets you started, but it’s also important to think about priorities.

We often use the word “priorities” to refer to how important something is to us.

We might think, This is a really important goal, and that is less important. Title: Chapter 1 Author: Lydia E.

Goal prioties attuides

Anderson and Sandra B. Bolt Subject: College Culture and the Campus Created Date: 11/6/ AM.

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