Evaluate the impact of discipline

Understanding Discipline Reflection on Last Year I believe personally that my discipline last year was really good and I had no real problems at all I have dived each good point into a separate sections Uniform I am very proud to say that I take pride in my uniform and I had to have had good discipline to make sure that It was pressed correctly meaning that the creases where in the correct place and that I looked smart. This can also be said for my boots you learn from very early on that no matter what public service you join you have to rely on your feet so you need to make sure that your foot wear is clean and serviceable which is what I did and I made sure that my toe caps whereas bulled as I could get them.

Evaluate the impact of discipline

What is the difference between uniformed and non-uniformed public services?

Evaluate the impact of discipline

Also the difference between the both is that the non uniformed service work differectly for the public such as tax, documents etc. It is someone who wears a uniform and works for the police stationor something close to that.

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What is the importance of discipline in public services? Film Review How a teenage life in the hood does affect his life in adulthood? The film adulthood is a drama about life on the streets; it was released in the month of June,… it is presented to the audience of people age 20 also it complies to both gender and all sort of race, also it teaches teens in gangs; sells drugs, prostitutes, and also kids who try to impress people by doing things like smoking buying illegal drugs.

This film would be really enjoyable and interesting because it teaches people how life is on the streets and when to act like an adult and do responsible things. The director of the film is Noel Clarke which starts in the film as Sam.

Also Adam Deacon starts in the film as jay which also brings more conflict in the films because they had a conflict him and Sam. Adulthood is a film about a young man Sam who thought he was a 'bad man and killed Trevor at the end of kidulthood and went jail for six months and also flash back was shown in films of when he was in prison where he saw Trevor's uncle and he got beaten up their and tortured, the first day back the people who he has hurt wants revenge for all he had done to them.

There is of Corse many great scenes in the film but my personal best is when noel Clarke who plays Sam and Adam Deacon who play Jay had a fight which was due to Sam killing Trevor jays best friend at the end of kidulthood. Jay wanted to get revenge and kill Sam for the sorrow he had caused hi.

The director really used good techniques like close up to their face which really shows the face expression also the soundtrack that was used made you really think that, is he going to die, what's going to happen this was good it caused lots of suspense.

Also Sam showed jay scares that he got from prison that he done to himself so he could kill himslef cause of the pain and sorrow he got in prison.

Out of the quotes jay aid to Sam was that "am gonna take your life Sam, like you took trevs like you took mine". This really makes you think that what he means that he took his.

Evaluate the impact of discipline

This film is one in a million and it would be advisable for you to go and see it because there's lot of morals in it and also educates you about the advantages and disadvantages of the streets, if you like film like kidulthood, bullet boy and films like that you will love adulthood.

How is conformity represented in the uniformed public services? Conformity is represented in the uniformed services through their uniform and rank Structures, esprit de corps and working in teams. This… also creates a good image of the service in society.

And obedience is represented through hierarchy.

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What is the role of discipline in the uniformed services? Rules and regulations are the foundation of the public services, and discipline ensures that these rules and regulations are followed. Rules, regulations and orders all work t…ogether to ensure that everything which needs doing, gets done as efficiently as possible.

Also when in very dangerous situations such as Afghanistan being disciplined, i. Permanent groupings are individuals who work on a shift, watch or regiment. Why is discipline needed in the public services? Discipline in the uniformed public service refers to foundation of ones line of duty when serving in the service, either its police force, ambulance and fire services, as well… as the armed forces.

Such people have the duty to follow their rules and regulations and discipline ensures that these rules and regulations are followed, and it ensure that everything which is needed to be doing, get done efficiently as possible.

The services such as police, fire are required to be disciplined, to be able to present their service with pride, allows them to do their job effectively.

It helps the services to able to be approachable towards public, to interact, save lives, help build trust. The army on other hand has to deal with public not only in country but abroad as well, they are learned to be extra discipline in order to save livesand helps them to deal with life threatening situations.D1: evaluate the impact of discipline On the uniformed public services In this essay I will be discussing how discipline affects the public services.

I will be looking in depth of how and why discipline is used and what happens if its discipline is not carried out. I will be using real life example to further my understanding of discipline.

Unit 5, Task 1 Understanding discipline within the. uniformed services P1, P2, M1, M2 and D1 In this essay I will evaluate the impact of discipline in the uniformed public services. The value of the impact of discipline in a range of public services would involve the use of authority, to control the services, train the officers, used to follow orders or there as a threat and make sure powers are not to be abused.

Unit 4 - understanding discipline M1/D1 Teri Moody Situation In this prezi I will be working on M1 and D1 this is where you have to justify the need for and the role of discipline in the uniformed public services I will also have to evaluate the impact of discipline in the uniformed public services.

Discipline is vital to the effectiveness of the uniformed public services. In my opinion, I totally agree that there should be discipline within any of the uniformed public services as it ensures. Evaluate the impact of discipline on the uniformed public services Essay.

In the distinction criteria of this assignment I am going to be comparing the different public services and evaluating them by saying why discipline is needed and why it is so important within the public services, I will be backing my work up by showing evidence from real life case studies.

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