An educated man

Brothers and sisters, I am delighted to be here. In this vast audience we have singers of songs, builders of buildings, dreamers of dreams, cleaners of homes and dirty faces, writers of words, planters of crops, healers of wounds, and preparers of meals who this week have become learners in many areas. I like the theme that this devotional assembly has been given: I thrill with you at the occupation to learn which you have assigned yourselves.

An educated man

In the twenty-eighth chapter, the last chapter of the Book of Acts in which chapter we have come preaching through the Word of God, in the twenty-third verse it says that Paul expounded the things of the kingdom of God out of the Law of Moses. Religion has an affinity with a trained mind, an educated mind.

One time I asked a professor at Baylor when I went to school there what he meant by the word "affinity. So the professor said, "Well, look out there.

An educated man

You see that boy and that girl? Well," he said, "they have an affinity for one another. The two seem to fit. They seem to enmesh because a man ignorant and unlearned and untrained is no reason at all why he should be more acceptable to heaven. Piety does not consist in ignorance.

Piety can find its highest expression, its noblest bearing, its sublimest achievement in the educated man. Moses was learned in all of the arts and sciences of the Egyptian [Exodus 2: He was a man who had gone through all of the schools of his day.

He was prepared and trained for the highest work God ever gave to man up until the appearance of Jesus Christ. And it is no less so in the interpretation of the message of Jesus to the world. The Lord chose a man who was learned in the Greek language, who was brought up in the Greek university, who was taught in all of the theological casuistry of the rabbinical schools of Jerusalem [Acts Your two greatest exponents of revealed religion are first Moses and then Paul, and both of them were men of the schools.

They were taught and trained and educated. They were prepared for the great work God committed to their care. You will find no exception to that.

But I say there is no exception that the great development of the Christian faith and of the revealed religion of God has it ever been wrought and furthered by the man of the school — the man trained, the learned man, the educated man.

You can carry it right on through from the days of Moses, through Isaiah, through Daniel, through Paul, through Augustine, through John Wycliffe, through Savonarola, through Huss and Hubmaier, through John Wesley and George Whitefield — men of Oxford University — to the most learned mind that America has ever produced — Jonathan Edwards — and clear up to this present day.

I repeat that God has an affinity and religion has an affinity for a trained and an educated mind. They were schools founded by the churches, and they were schools guided by the ecclesiastical leadership of the nation and of the people.

All of them were founded by the religious people. They are products of the schools. Religion has an affinity with a trained and an educated mind. You came, your school came out of the church. Being a journalist, he captured the imagination and the ear of the English people and finally the throne itself; and he organized Sunday Schools all over the land.

What kind of a Sunday school was it? Not what you think of when I use that word. It was a school that took those children who worked in child labor before there were any such thing as the child labor law to prohibit it.GOD’S AFFINITY FOR THE EDUCATED MAN.

Dr. W. A. Criswell. Acts p.m. In the twenty-eighth chapter, the last chapter of the Book of Acts in which chapter we have come preaching through the Word of God, in the twenty-third verse it says that Paul expounded the things of the kingdom of God out of the Law of Moses.

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educated man is the kind of versatile, flexible mind that can deal with new and explosive conditions. With this reserve, there is little in this profile which has not been familiar for centuries.

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