An analysis of plots and styles in japanese animation

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An analysis of plots and styles in japanese animation

Stumble Animation has taken on many different forms since the first animated films were created. Today, the art form has evolved into almost as many styles and techniques as there are animators.

One of the most popular of these styles is anime. This Japanese form of cartoon production provides unique benefits for any animation production in which it is used. Following are some of the characteristics that make anime unique.

These plots tend to be far more complex than the plots of regular animated cartoons or many other animated projects. For instance, an anime plot typically develops over the course of dozens of episodes, and a single storyline can take more than 50 episodes to fully develop.

In addition to complex plots, anime characters are often complex themselves. Other types of animation allow for characters in which only one or two personality traits are developed and emphasized. Anime character design, however, frequently develops characters that possess many layers. This art form develops these layers and personality traits in order to present a multi-faceted person.

In addition, there are also often many main characters in a storyline. The result of these features is a rich field of fascinating characters that interact to tell a lengthy story.

Adult Focus As with any form of animation, people of all ages can enjoy anime, and there are anime projects that are specially designed for children. However, because of the nature of the plots in anime, this form of animation is often best understood and enjoyed by adults instead of children.

For instance, the lengthy plots require viewers to maintain interest in the storyline over the long term, and the complex characters require viewers to be able to both understand and engage with that complexity.

Anime storylines are also often focused on adult themes. While one of the many appealing characteristics of animation in general is its ability to appeal and be tailored to a wide range of people, anime often focuses on adult themes.

Even when anime incorporates humor which it often doesthe humor is frequently used to alleviate a darker or more violent theme that is suitable primarily for adult viewing. While anime characters may possess bodies with relatively proportional body parts, the heads, hair, and facial expressions are usually exaggerated and brightly colored.

They also possess other distinct features, such as a slope, black centers, and a colored outside edge.

An analysis of plots and styles in japanese animation

In addition to large eyes, there are a number of other physical features that distinguish anime from other types of animation.

The characters often possess abundant, wild, and unnaturally colored hair. In addition, the heads on anime characters are often very large.

Other body parts may be drawn larger than typical human proportions would require such as arms or legsdepending upon what the animator is trying to convey about the character. For instance, large teardrops are standard depictions of embarrassment or other distress.

The character drawing a hammer with which to strike another character may introduce comedic relief.

An analysis of plots and styles in japanese animation

The goal of all of these physical characteristics and exaggerated elements is to depict the inner life of the person on the screen. The personality and emotions of the character are the driving force behind the specifics of the design. Limited Animation A final characteristic of anime is the technique used to create it.

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