A comparison of goethe in faust and shelley in frankenstein still the wretched fools they were befor

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Jump to navigation Jump to search We are fighting this system that allows a handful of men on Earth to rule all of humanity. Neighbor love has nothing to do with the kind of love that depends on the recognition of a valuable quality in its object.

Neighbor love does not recognize value, but creates it. The neighbor loves, and imparts value by loving. The man who is loved by God has no value in himself; what gives him value is precisely the fact that God loves him.

Neighbor love is a value-creating principle. The God of the oppressed is a God of revolution who breaks the chains of slavery. The oppressors' God is a God of slavery and must be destroyed along with the oppressors. He simply complained, pouring out his soul in words of fire; then went his way again, fighting for his ideal, and full of hope that in time—perhaps even " at the end of time "—Righteousness would be lord over all the earth.

If Jesus is forgotten, then it becomes possible to fill the adjective with whatever suits at the time, without checking whether Jesus was like that or not, or whether this means leaving the world sunk in its wretchedness or not; or worse still, without asking if this image legitimates the tragedy of the world or brings liberation from it.

Today we have largely been stripped of this pseudo-innocence. We know that the poor are so poor because the rich are so rich, that the causes of poverty can be traced to deliberate decisions and deliberate economic and political policies designed to benefit the rich and powerful.

We know that poverty and unemployment are not just accidents of history but deliberate, even indispensable, components of capitalism as an economic system.

And foremost among these means is art. Catering to luxury and emphasizing only the beautiful, art denies the fact that wretchedness and destitution have a tight grip on the poor. This is the reason why the prophetic zeal turned against art, and not merely against the luxury of women and the pretentiousness of the rich.

And since he cannot have all that he would, he is in a perpetual state of anger and grief; he remains all his life "a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth.

It has programmed into its very nature a massive, complex and automatic defense mechanism for all our old methods for raising the consciousness of a potentially revolutionary class of people.

A comparison of goethe in faust and shelley in frankenstein still the wretched fools they were befor

The essence of a U. We must rip away its mask. When, therefore, we offer the means of living to the indigent, we do not give them anything of ours, but that which of right belongs to them.


It is less a work of mercy which we perform than the payment of a debt. The condition on which this right must stand is that of wisdom in the disposal; if the disposal of property is foolish, then the ruler or society may withdraw this right of disposal.

A comparison of goethe in faust and shelley in frankenstein still the wretched fools they were befor

The right of disposal depends on being mature and being able to fulfill one's duties; when the possessor does not meet these requirements, then the natural fruits of ownership come to an end. The aura of magic, glamour, luster and splendid permanence covers the fascists like a protective layer of fat.

The slimy scales of majesty shield and conceal the dilapidation of the old bourgeois reign of terror. The founders of political science did not think so. Because of this innate lust for power, Hobbes thought that life before or after the state was a "war of every man against every man"—"solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.Nevertheless, they still deserve a few words.

The Introduction is a succinct exposition of the political and social background against which Byron defiantly lived and wrote. It is marvellously devoid of gossip as far as his personal life is concerned. Victor Frankenstein and his creature to their world, the novel still endures. Its lasting power can be seen in the range of reactions explored by various literary critics and over ninety dramatizations.

If I made laws for Shakers or a school, I should gazette every Saturday all the words they were wont to use in reporting religious experience, as “spiritual life,” “God,” “soul,” “cross,” etc., and if they could not find new ones next week, they might remain silent.

- mid39aa: "Of all masterpiece.": on J. W. von Goethe's verse-drama Faust + look at Fig. by Delacroix & read caption - mid46b: on Louisa May Alcott - novelist Little Women and Civil War nurse Hospital Sketches.

Brief History of English and American by Henry A. Beers, et al The Project Gutenberg eBook, Brief History of English and American Literature, b y Henry A. Beers, et al This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.5/5(1).

When they came out into the air John blinked a little, but not much, for they were still only in a half-light under the shadow of the giant, who was very angry, with smoke coming from his mouth, so that he looked more like a volcano than an ordinary mountain.

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